Hamsters – The Third Surprise

You might have guessed this post will have something to do with babies because the other times I’ve named a post a ‘Surprise’, babies were born. If you guessed that, you were right, even though this time, it wasn’t Pepper. It was Salt. She gave birth to four babies on June first, 2015. She and Pepper now take turns nursing and caring for the babies since they are in the same cage (I put the other hamsters in the backup cage when Pepper had her babies). However, Salt is not a very responsible mother. She doesn’t usually do her turn with the babies so poor Pepper has to. Mostly, she just runs around the cage, completely carefree. If you were wondering, the father of both litters is Pipsqueak, which is pretty disturbing, considering he is Pepper’s son. That would make him a father and a brother of Pepper’s new children. What do you think I should name these new additions to the family? Tell me in the comments below.

Hamsters – The Second Surprise

As you know, if you have been reading my past posts, Pepper has already had babies at least twice. The first time, she had Pipsqueak and some other babies that got bought before I got Pepper and Pipsqueak. The second time she had Fatty, Fatty Bulgar, Paisley, and the two tiny twins. Well, on June 26, 2015, Pepper gave birth to four little bundles of hamster joy. But there is also a devastating mystery. I came back the next day to check on them, and there were only two babies. I still have no idea what could have happened to the other two. I searched the entire cage but couldn’t find them. The mystery remains unsolved.

Hamsters – The Next Era

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. Mostly because of all the things going on with the hamsters. For one, Pipsqueak has a tooth that sticks up over his nose. I give him chew toys, but he doesn’t really care for them. It doesn’t seem to bother him, but I’m still kind of worried. Another reason I haven’t got around to posting in a while is that we found a baby sparrow that had fallen from it’s nest and we have to feed it every hour. You’ll figure out why this is the next era in the next post.

Hamsters – The In Between

This is the offending wheel, before any hamsters got stuck in it. See the little holes in it?

Well, you’ve probably already read “Hamsters – The Next Days”. This post is just another post telling what has happened in between the time that the babies were born and the time I will give them away. As you probably already know, they were born on May 6, 2015. It is currently June 24, 2015, and most of the things I am writing about in this post happened in the last month or so. When the babies were still small, like only an inch long, I still had that squeaky wheel. That wheel had little holes in it, and hamster could get their foot stuck in one of the holes. It hadn’t happened so far, so I wasn’t too worried, until I went into my room one day to find that one of the babies was on the wheel and was squeaking hysterically. I didn’t know what was wrong until I saw it’s foot was stuck in one of the wholes. I went over and got it out, but it was still hurt. It’s back foot was bleeding. I was so worried, and I forgot to take the wheel out. 15 minutes later, Salt was on the whee. The same thing had happened to her. I got her free, too. She wasn’t hurt, from the looks of it. I then immediately took the wheel out of the cage. Come back tomorrow for more posts.

Hamsters – What Next?

Okay, so now I had 8 hamsters. My cage wasn’t that big but the person at the store where I had first got my hamsters had informed me that the babies needed to be at least 5 or 6 weeks of age to ween off their mom. This is just the time in between. They were mostly the same the entire time, but there were some minor and major conflicts. For one thing, Pipsqueak turned aggressive and more adult. He had just hit hamster puberty. He kept on trying to mate with Salt and the other females, and kept on attacking Fatty Bulgar, which is what my Mom named the only boy in the litter because he reminded her of a chubby character in Lord of the Rings. Anyway, since Fatty Bulgar was the only other male there, Pipsqueak felt he needed to keep his place on the pecking order, which was second, because Salt was first and would attack the hamster that tried to challenge her. I had to separate Pipsqueak and Fatty Bulgar, switching them between the cage with all the hamsters in it and the backup cage, which was considerably smaller. I also got them a new wheel which did not squeak, but if it got too close to the wall, it made clunking sounds. Come back tommorrow to see what happens next!

Hamsters – The Big Surprise

These are the babies about 2 days after they were born. The bigger baby is actually Pipsqueak, hoping to get some more attention from his mom, Pepper, who is the adult hamster you see in the corner.

As I told you in the last post, I have a big surprise for you guys. And that surprise is . . . babies! I woke up at 3 am on Wednesday morning, May sixth to a squeaking noise from the hamster cage. I assumed Salt and Pepper had just got into a little scuffle, so I went back to sleep. I woke up at my normal time at 6:30 and went over to check on the hamsters. I saw a little pink thing up against the glass that pepper was sitting on. At first I didn’t know what it was, but then I saw another little head poking out from under Pepper. I went and got my mother and showed her the hamsters. “Hey, Mom, guess what happened!”
“What, Ruby?”
“Pepper had her babies!”
Then my big sister Carmelita came in, asking what had happened. I told her, and we tried to count them. We could only count 2 or 3. I had known Pepper was pregnant since I got her, but I hadn’t known she would have her babies so soon! I returned home as fast as I could from school and immediately rushed to the hamster cage.Pepper was finally off her children, and now I could count five! I couldn’t believe I was so lucky to have 5 more hamsters, and they were still so young!

Hamsters – The Next Days

This is Salt in my homemade hamster ball which consisted of half a water bottle with hold poked in it with a tissue rubber banded on top. It was the day before the babies were born.

After I got my three hamsters (Pepper, Salt, and Pipsqueak), the next 3 days were pretty uneventful. I got them a hamster wheel from the garage and cleaned it up. This wheel, however, gave me many problems. The main problem was: It squeaked. It squeaked almost louder than the hamsters! It was metal wire, and getting old. My mother had kept it from the large Syrian hamsters we had about eight years ago. Thing is, Syrian hamsters are much larger than dwarf hamsters, so the wheel was also much larger than a wheel meant for dwarf hamsters. Because of this, the poor little hamsters kept flipping if they went too fast. That’s basically all that happened in those few days before something REALLY exciting happened! Come back to find out the most thrilling thing that has happened to me while I have had hamsters!


If you’re hoping to get a hamster anytime soon, you should make sure you have the supplies first, and be ready for your new pet. You will need:

– An aquarium or tank of at least 12 gallons or a cage with no wire on the bottom, and the wires only a half inch or less apart. One brand is Habitrail (Habitrail mostly does hamster tubes, though), though my cage is a 15 gallon Zilla aquarium.

-Enough soft bedding to change the cage a few times.

-One package of food for hamsters, or two if you don’t want to get more soon.

-One silent wheel. Make sure it’s silent so that it doesn’t keep squeaking in the middle of the night.

This is the squeaky wheel that I found in my garage. It isn’t new, it’s actually 8 years old, so your new wheel of this kind shouldn’t squeak.

-One water bottle for hamsters and a water bottle holder to keep it upright. You should get the 8oz. one.

-(Optional) You can also get one small chew toy, but not too hard, for them. It should be a sort of cardboard-ey texture and not solid wood.

If you’ve got all of these, good for you! You’re all ready for your hamster. Make sure that your hamster’s cage is in a sturdy spot that won’t fall down from some weight. Change the cage at least once a week, or it will start smelling. You should be able to get all of these things at your local pet store, and if you can’t find something there, you can always get it on amazon. You can get ANYTHING on amazon.

Hamsters – The Beginning

This is Pipsqueak when he was a baby, only 2 or 3 weeks old. He was a runt, very small for his age, so your 3 week old hamster shouldn't be as small as him, barely a big as his food pellet.
This is Pipsqueak when he was a baby, only 2 or 3 weeks old. He was a runt, very small for his age, so your 3 week old hamster shouldn’t be as small as him, barely as big as his food pellet.

I first got my 3 hamsters on May 2, 2015. I got Pepper, a pregnant female a couple months old, Pipsqueak, Pepper’s baby of about 3 weeks, and Salt, the only one I didn’t hold before I picked her out. Salt was a female of about a month old who bites. Hard. She could break the skin on your finger even by just chomping down on it for half a second! I got all the necessary things and  . . . BOOM! I had hamsters.