If you’re hoping to get a hamster anytime soon, you should make sure you have the supplies first, and be ready for your new pet. You will need:

– An aquarium or tank of at least 12 gallons or a cage with no wire on the bottom, and the wires only a half inch or less apart. One brand is Habitrail (Habitrail mostly does hamster tubes, though), though my cage is a 15 gallon Zilla aquarium.

-Enough soft bedding to change the cage a few times.

-One package of food for hamsters, or two if you don’t want to get more soon.

-One silent wheel. Make sure it’s silent so that it doesn’t keep squeaking in the middle of the night.

This is the squeaky wheel that I found in my garage. It isn’t new, it’s actually 8 years old, so your new wheel of this kind shouldn’t squeak.

-One water bottle for hamsters and a water bottle holder to keep it upright. You should get the 8oz. one.

-(Optional) You can also get one small chew toy, but not too hard, for them. It should be a sort of cardboard-ey texture and not solid wood.

If you’ve got all of these, good for you! You’re all ready for your hamster. Make sure that your hamster’s cage is in a sturdy spot that won’t fall down from some weight. Change the cage at least once a week, or it will start smelling. You should be able to get all of these things at your local pet store, and if you can’t find something there, you can always get it on amazon. You can get ANYTHING on amazon.


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