Hamsters – The Next Days

This is Salt in my homemade hamster ball which consisted of half a water bottle with hold poked in it with a tissue rubber banded on top. It was the day before the babies were born.

After I got my three hamsters (Pepper, Salt, and Pipsqueak), the next 3 days were pretty uneventful. I got them a hamster wheel from the garage and cleaned it up. This wheel, however, gave me many problems. The main problem was: It squeaked. It squeaked almost louder than the hamsters! It was metal wire, and getting old. My mother had kept it from the large Syrian hamsters we had about eight years ago. Thing is, Syrian hamsters are much larger than dwarf hamsters, so the wheel was also much larger than a wheel meant for dwarf hamsters. Because of this, the poor little hamsters kept flipping if they went too fast. That’s basically all that happened in those few days before something REALLY exciting happened! Come back to find out the most thrilling thing that has happened to me while I have had hamsters!


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