Hamsters – What Next?

Okay, so now I had 8 hamsters. My cage wasn’t that big but the person at the store where I had first got my hamsters had informed me that the babies needed to be at least 5 or 6 weeks of age to ween off their mom. This is just the time in between. They were mostly the same the entire time, but there were some minor and major conflicts. For one thing, Pipsqueak turned aggressive and more adult. He had just hit hamster puberty. He kept on trying to mate with Salt and the other females, and kept on attacking Fatty Bulgar, which is what my Mom named the only boy in the litter because he reminded her of a chubby character in Lord of the Rings. Anyway, since Fatty Bulgar was the only other male there, Pipsqueak felt he needed to keep his place on the pecking order, which was second, because Salt was first and would attack the hamster that tried to challenge her. I had to separate Pipsqueak and Fatty Bulgar, switching them between the cage with all the hamsters in it and the backup cage, which was considerably smaller. I also got them a new wheel which did not squeak, but if it got too close to the wall, it made clunking sounds. Come back tommorrow to see what happens next!


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