Hamsters – The In Between

This is the offending wheel, before any hamsters got stuck in it. See the little holes in it?

Well, you’ve probably already read “Hamsters – The Next Days”. This post is just another post telling what has happened in between the time that the babies were born and the time I will give them away. As you probably already know, they were born on May 6, 2015. It is currently June 24, 2015, and most of the things I am writing about in this post happened in the last month or so. When the babies were still small, like only an inch long, I still had that squeaky wheel. That wheel had little holes in it, and hamster could get their foot stuck in one of the holes. It hadn’t happened so far, so I wasn’t too worried, until I went into my room one day to find that one of the babies was on the wheel and was squeaking hysterically. I didn’t know what was wrong until I saw it’s foot was stuck in one of the wholes. I went over and got it out, but it was still hurt. It’s back foot was bleeding. I was so worried, and I forgot to take the wheel out. 15 minutes later, Salt was on the whee. The same thing had happened to her. I got her free, too. She wasn’t hurt, from the looks of it. I then immediately took the wheel out of the cage. Come back tomorrow for more posts.


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