Hamsters – The Third Surprise

You might have guessed this post will have something to do with babies because the other times I’ve named a post a ‘Surprise’, babies were born. If you guessed that, you were right, even though this time, it wasn’t Pepper. It was Salt. She gave birth to four babies on June first, 2015. She and Pepper now take turns nursing and caring for the babies since they are in the same cage (I put the other hamsters in the backup cage when Pepper had her babies). However, Salt is not a very responsible mother. She doesn’t usually do her turn with the babies so poor Pepper has to. Mostly, she just runs around the cage, completely carefree. If you were wondering, the father of both litters is Pipsqueak, which is pretty disturbing, considering he is Pepper’s son. That would make him a father and a brother of Pepper’s new children. What do you think I should name these new additions to the family? Tell me in the comments below.


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